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Your Deli, Overhauled.

Since the beginning of our journey in 1967, we have taken especial care in building and curating our selection of over 300 products for the deli department. Enjoy.

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Deli Hams


Hispanic Hams

Old Fashion (Jamón Viejo)

Serrano Ham

Serrano Ham Whole Muscle

Sweet Serrano Ham

Bolo Ham

Cooked Seasoned Ham, Quirch

Buffet Hams

Buffet Ham 25%

Buffet Ham 35%

Buffet Ham 35%


Virginia Honey Ham W/A

Virginia Smoked Ham W/A

Country Ham Mild Cure Bone-In

Country Ham Luter’s Bone-In

4×6 Hams

Cooked Ham

Cooked Ham 35%

Cooked Ham 35%

Split Seasoned Cooked Ham

Sweet Ham

Boneless Pit Ham

Cooked Ham 35%

Cooked Ham 35%

4×4 Ham

Quirch Cooked Ham

Premium Hams

Dietz & Watson

Cooked Square Ham

Pear Shaped Baked VA Ham

Black Forest Ham

Honey Cured Ham 97% FF

Cajun Ham W/A

Smoked Maple Glazed Ham

Imported Cooked Ham

Chopped Ham w/Natural Juices

Rosemary Ham

Tomato & Basil Ham

Capocolla Ham W/A

Mini Chef Carved BF Ham

Mini Chef Carved Nat.Juice Ham

Gourmet Lite VA Ham

Black Pepper Whole Ham

Gourmet Lite Tavern Ham

BF Smoked Ham

Honey Roll Ham

Lite F/C Ham w/ Natural Juices

Tavern Ham W/A

Peppered Ham W/A

Lite VA Ham w/Pineapple

BF Pear Shaped Ham

Classic Trimmed & Tied Ham

Gourmet Lite VA Ham

BF Spiral Sliced Ham

Premium Hams


Ham Off the bone – Smoked

Black Forest Ham


Dietz & Watson

Spiced Luncheon Meat

Spiced Pastrami

Corned Beef, Choice, Cap-Off

Trimmed & Tied Roast Beef Halves

Corned Beef, Extra Lean

Top Round Roast Beef, London Broil

Prime Rib w/Juices

Roast Beef Halves, Rare

Pastrami Brisket, First Cut

Eye Round Roast Beef, Choice

Roast Beef Halves, Cap Off

Top Round Dried Beef Halves

Oven Roasted Natural Halves, Rare

Pickled Corned Beef Brisket

Roast Beef, Cap-Off

Italian Roast Beef

Premium Angus Roast Beef, Cap-Off

Kretschmar – Beef

Roast Beef


Dietz & Watson

Roasted Pork, Italian-style

Roasted Pork BBQ

Bacon, Canadian-style

Bacon Halves, Derind

Bacon, Hotel Layou

Roast Sirloin of Pork

Chicken Breast


Dietz & Watson

Rotisserie Breast of Chicken

Honey BBQ

Buffalo Style

Gourmet Chicken Breast

Southern Fried

Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast


Chicken Breast — Rotisserie

Turkey Breast

Dietz & Watson

London Broil

Original Gourmet

Oven Classic

Smoked Black Forest

Honey Cured Glazed

Maple Honey Cured

Smoked Mesquite

Pepper & Garlic

Smoked Peppercorn

Oven Roasted Homestyle

Santa Fe

Banquet Cater Style

Cracked Black Pepper

Gourmet Lite

Braised Homestyle

Golden Brown


Unsalted Turkey Breast


Oven-roasted Turkey – Off the bone

Buffet Hams

Turkey Bologna

Turkey Salami

Turkey Ham 20%

White Oven Roasted Turkey Slicing

Turkey Pastrami

Skinless Whole Muscle Turkey Breast

Browned Whole Muscle Turkey Breast

Deli Meats



Spanish Mortadella

Pepperoni – Sandwich Stick

Hard Salami

Genoa Salami

Genoa Salami

Hard Salami

Salami Dominicano Original

Chorizo Seco Rope

Chorizo Cantimpalo

Chorizo Cantimpalo

Salami Popular Negro

Hard Colosseum Salami

Hard Centurion Salami

Salumeria Italian-Style

Dietz & Watson

Skinless Shank-less Prosciutto

Prosciutto di Parma

Mortadella w/Pistachio

Sweet Capocolla

Sweet Sopressatta

Hot Capocolla

Hard Salami

Prosciuttini Italian-style

Mortadella w/Pistachio

Hot Capocolla Ham




Mortadella Loaf

Genoa Salami Chub

Cooked Salami

Pepperoni Chub

Hard Salami


Genoa Salami


Boneless Prosciutto Halves

Mortadella Alpina


Dietz & Watson

Olive Loaf

P & P Loaf

Bologna Meat


Wieners Natural Casing

Polska Kielbasa Rope

German Knockwurst

Head Cheese N/C

Gourmet Lite Bologna

German Bologna

Souse Roll

Deli Loaf

Meat Bologna

Hot Souse Loaf

Mild Souse Loaf



Cheese Loaves

Dietz & Watson

Oven Roasted Garlic

Cheddar Horseradish

Monterey Jack

Cheddar w/Hot Peppers

Cheddar w/Buffalo Wing Sauce

Mini Horn Colby

Danish-style Havarti


Lacey Swiss

Swiss 4×6

Baby Swiss

Gouda Wheel

Smoked Gouda Wheel

Swiss Loaf 4×4

Muenster Loaf


Provolone Loaf

Mozzarella Loaf P/S

Provolone Loaf

Yellow American Loaf

White American Loaf




American Loaf

Mozzarella Loaf


Domestic & Natural Block Cheeses


Mild Cheddar

Monterey Jack

Pepper Jack

Orange Rind Muenster

Daisy Red Wax Cheddar

Orange Rind Muenster

Part Skim Mozzarella Loaf

Whole Milk Mozzarella Loaf


Imported Cheeses
Loaves & Wheels

Gouda Wheel

Gouda Wheel – Gayo Azul

Swiss Emmenthaler

Manchego Wheel – Don Alvaro

Hispanic Cheeses

Gayo Azul

Queso Blanco Loaf – RW

Queso Blanco Loaf

Queso Blanco for Frying

RW – Random Weight

El Real

Queso Fresco Wheel

Queso Seco RW

Queso Fresco Wheel

Queso Oaxaca Bola

El Venadito

Queso Blanco Loaf

Queso Blanco Low Salt Loaf

El Autentico

Queso Fresco – RW Wheel

Queso Blanco RW

Queso Blanco RW

Processed Cheeses


White American Cheese 120 Slices

White American Cheese 160 Slices

White American Cheese Block

Yellow American Cheese 120 Slices

Yellow American Cheese 160 Slices

Yellow American Cheese Block

White American IWS Slices

Retail-ready Meats


Salumeria Italian Brand

Dietz & Watson

Sopressatta Chub

Abruzzese Salami Chub

Genoa Salami Chub

Pancetta Chub

Bologna Ring

Pepperoni Twin Sticks

Cacciatore Dry Sausage Chub

Mini Hard Salami

Kretschmar – Pre-Sliced

5oz Sliced Pepperoni Pillow Pack

Pre-Sliced Honey Ham

Pre-Sliced Smoked Turkey


Dietz & Watson

Beef & Pork Franks

German Wiener N/C


Smoked Hung Bratwurst

German Knockwurst

Regular Foot Long Franks

Special Foot Long 3/1 Franks

New York-style Beef

Cocktail Beef Franks

Gourmet Lite Franks

NY Deli Beef Franks

Bratwurst Thuringer

Polska Kielbasa

Hot Smoked Sausage

Jerk Chicken Sausage

Italian Chicken Sausage

Pepper & Onion Italian Sausage

Pepper & Onion Chicken Sausage

Italian Sausage

Andouille Chicken Sausage

Buffalo-style Chicken Sausage

Chicken Bratwurst

Landjaeger Salami Stick

Baurenwurst Net Casing

Mini Chorizo

Pre-Sliced Case Ready

Dietz & Watson

P & P Loaf Shingles

Chicken Breast Buffalo-style

Meat Bologna

Corned Beef

Black Forest Ham

Cooked Ham

VA Lite Gourmet Ham


Golden Brown Turkey Shingles

Cooked Salami

Genoa Salami




Roast Beef

Honey Turkey

Tavern Ham W/A

Black Forest Smoked Turkey

Turkey Gourmet Lite Sliced

Ham Breakfast Fillets

Turkey Breast Fillets

Retail-ready Cheeses



Dietz & Watson

White American Slices

Pepper Jack Pre-Cut

Gouda Pre-Cut

Smoked Gouda Wedge

Mozzarella Pre-Cut

Havarti w/Dill Pre-Cut

Muenster Pre-Cut

Danish Havarti Pre-Cut

Edam Pre-Cut

Baby Swiss Pre-Cut

Jarlsberg Pre-Cut

Swiss Slices

Yellow American Slices

Cheddar w/Peppers Slices

Cheddar w/Horseradish Slices

Cheddar w/Garlic Slices

Muenster Slices

Provolone Slices

Kretschmar – Pre-Sliced

Pre-Sliced Havarti

Pre-Sliced Smoked Gouda

Pre-Sliced Kolby Jack



Dietz & Watson

Hot & Chunky Horseradish

Cranberry Horseradish

Smoky Horseradish

Sweet & Hot Mustard

Champagne-Dill Mustard

Jalapeño Mustard

Cranberry Honey Mustard

Wasabi Mustard

Whole Grain Dijon Mustard

Chipotle Mustard

Deli Kosher Pickles


Sweet Vidalia Onion Sauce

Spicy Brown Mustard

Stone Ground Mustard

Horseradish Sauce

Hoagie Dressing

Honey Mustard

Hot & Creamy Horseradish Sauce

Hot & Zesty Pickles

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