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We offer an extensive line of ethnic products from around the world and around the corner. Our products are sourced only from the highest quality producers, locally and globally. The reason for our success is simple: quality and value.

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Hispanic Tradition


Sofrito Blend
Diced Peppers & Onions Blend


Sofrito is commonly used as a base for many Hispanic recipes, including meat, poultry, seafood and vegetable dishes. For your convenience, Quirch Sofrito is ready to use. Also called Seasoning Blend.

Also available in Club Store Display Retail Cases.

White Dasheen


Malanga is a root vegetable used in soups and stews like a potato. It may also be cut into chunks and boiled. It may also be seasoned with olive oil and salt.

Our Malanga is peeled, cut, and ready to use. Imported from Costa Rica.

Latin Sancocho
Stew Blend


Sancocho Mix is a frozen, ready-to-cook vegetable blend that serves as a convenient base for the many versions of this popular stew. Sancocho is a traditional soup enjoyed in several Latin American cuisines, derived from the Spanish dish known as “cocido”.

Imported from Costa Rica.

Pigeon Peas


Gandules are grain legumes typically used as a bean. They are popular in the Caribbean, Africa, India and Asian cuisine. Imported from Ecuador and Peru.

Also available in custom pack sizes.

Tamales & Croquetas


Tamales Cubanos
Cuban-style Tamales


Cuban Tamales are made of cooked and seasoned pork, smothered and blended into a corn based dough, then wrapped neatly in corn husks and tied with string for flavor and to keep it together. It can be steamed or boiled in salted water and served in a variety of ways.



Croquetas are lightly breaded, savory ham or chicken filled rolls. Crisp and brown, it is a great appetizer or snack to be enjoyed at any time.

Also available in Club Store Display Retail Cases.



Pastry Turnovers


Empanadas are traditional Latin American meat or fruit filled pastries. They are stuffed with cooked beef or chicken, seasoned with authentic spices and fried in a flaky crust. As a sweet variation, try our delicious crispy apple pie filling. Easy to prepare as they come pre-cooked, just heat and serve!


Available Flavors:


Beef — 2ct
Chicken — 2ct
Crispy Apple Pies — 2ct

Jamaican-style Patties


Jamaican-style Patties are meat filled pastries with a flaky crust similar to a turnover. Outstanding flavors make them a quick, hearty and tasty meal! Fully baked, just heat and serve.


Also available in Club Store Display Retail Cases.


Available Flavors:


Mild Beef — 2ct
Spicy Beef — 2ct
Curry Chicken — 2ct
Jerk Chicken — 2ct

Arepas & Tequeños

Corn Cakes


Our cheese arepas are pre-cooked and ready in minutes. Delicious mozzarella cheese sandwiched between two sweet corn cakes, arepas make the perfect meal for any time of day! Heat and serve!



Tequeños are small sticks of cheese wrapped in a slightly sweet dough. These treats are great for breakfast, snacks, lunch bags or dinner. An ideal finger food to be savored on the go. Pre-cooked, heat and serve!

Also available in Foodservice pack.

Yogurt, Juice Drinks, Nectars

La Yogurt — Sabor Latino

Available Flavors






Sabor Latino — Fruit Drinks

Available Flavors

Tropical Punch



Piña Colada

Specialty Breads

Toufayan — Thaw and Sell

Specialty Breads

Plain Tortillas

Wheat Tortillas

Mini Croissants

Frozen Foods

Yucatán Guacamole

Guacamole Chunk Pulp

Guacamole – Authentic

Guacamole – Spicy

Latin Cheeses

Our Partners



Edam Balls

Gayo Azul – Imported

El Auténtico

Queso Fresco en Hoja

Queso Fresco del Campo

Queso Blanco

El Venadito

Queso Blanco

Queso Blanco — Low Salt

Queso de Freir


Gayo Azul

Queso Blanco Loaf – RW

Queso Blanco Loaf

Queso Blanco – for Frying

El Auténtico

Queso Fresco

Queso Blanco

El Venadito

Queso Blanco Loaf

Queso Blanco Loaf – Low Salt

El Real

Queso Fresco Wheel

Queso Seco RW

Queso Fresco Wheel

Queso Oaxaca Bola


Available Variety

Gouda Wheel

Gouda Wheel

Swiss Emmenthaler

Don Alvaro Manchego Wheel

Latin Deli Meats & Sausages

Hispanic Hams

Old Fashion (Jamón Viejo)

Serrano Ham

Serrano Ham Whole Muscle

Sweet Serrano Ham

Bolo Ham

Cooked Seasoned Ham Quirch

Hispanic Salamis


Colombian Salchichón

Dominican Salami Mallita

Original Dominican Salami

Original Dominican Salami

Salami Popular Negro

Salami Popular Negro

Dominican Salami Mallita

La Abuelita

Spanish Mortadella

Chorizo Original


Latin Sausages — Mr. Tango

Butifarra Cubana

Chorizo Argentino Hot

Chorizo Argentino

Longaniza Argentina

Morcilla Argentina

Salchicha Parrillera

Mild Italian

Hot Italian

Chorizo Colombiano

Longaniza Puertoriqueña

Brazilian Linguiça

Morcilla Colombiana

Morcilla Dulce (Sweet)

Chimichurri Sauce

Spicy Chimichurri Sauce

Morcilla Puertoriqueña

Latin Sausages — Sunset Farms

Mexican Chorizo

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