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Your Family and Ours in Safe Hands.

Quality Assurance at Quirch Foods is overseen by our in-house QA management team, which has over 50 years combined experience in Food Safety and Compliance.

We receive and distribute over 200,000 cases of fresh and frozen food every day. These aren’t cases of widgets – this is the food that your families, and ours, buy in their local supermarkets and restaurants, and we want to make sure they’re handled properly.

Our efforts incorporate product inspection, process management and regulatory compliance with both Federal and State food safety and labeling protocols.

// Program Overview

Quality Assurance, Compliance & H.A.C.C.P. Certifications

Our program consists of:

10 HACCP plans at all 5 distribution centers.

In-house inspection of product upon arrival.

Yearly third party audit for safe food handling based on stringent International guidelines as recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

SQF Certified at Level 2 on all 5 Distribution Centers, with 2 onsite certified SQF Practitioners.

On-site inspections by USDA and USDC as required.

Traceability – (One up / One down) every case at arrival is tagged with a unique bar-coding number, which enables us to track every case throughout the supply chain, from the source and to the end user, as required under the FDA Modernization Act.

All Imported products and domestic shipments have electronic Supply Chain Temperature monitoring devices, that is required of all our suppliers. The data is downloaded at arrival and checked for any possibility of temperature abuse during transport to final point of unloading.

Supplier Inspections

There are many programs in place both in the U.S and Globally, designed to ensure food safety. We feel it is of the utmost importance to make sure that we do everything we can to confirm compliance for ourselves.

Our QA Management Personnel performs on-site inspections and food safety audits of our overseas suppliers yearly. We inspect facilities all over Asia and the Americas and assist these suppliers in bringing their operations into compliance with HACCP and other recognized food safety management programs to include compliance to the Food Safety Modernization Act. The cost is significant but this is a sound investment for us to ensure that the products we procure are safe and wholesome.

At Quirch Foods, we are committed to providing Safe Quality Foods to our customers. We maintain multiple food safety and quality assurance programs. This is secured with a dedicated, trained, Food Safety Quality development team, committed to assuring all regulations and customer requirements are met.

// Sustainability

Taking action for a
brighter future.

A sustainable and high quality supply is the cornerstone of Quirch Foods procurement policy. We also acknowledge the growing need for a diversified procurement program, which screens products for sustainability by our Quality Assurance team. This is the reason why we have established a purchasing policy geared towards sourcing products from responsible producers and farming operations. We purchase our products from suppliers and farms managed in a responsible manner and rely on competent national authorities that employ science-based management approaches to ensuring sustainable harvests.

At Quirch Foods, we support the sustainable food practices of:

Best Aquaculture Practices — BAP
Marine Stewardship Council — MSC
World Wildlife Fund — WWF
Sustainable Fish Partnership — SFP
Aquaculture Stewardship Council — ASC
Food Alliance
SCS Global
Global G.A.P.

Carbon Footprint – Green Project


  • Paper recycling program.
  • Automatic lighting turn-off devices.
  • Paperless data collection and storage.


  • Plastic stretch wrap recycling program.
  • Cardboard recycling program.
  • LED lights with auto dim sensors.


  • Private label packaging: 30% recycled material for master cases and retail packaging.
  • Master case packaging material cut down by 15% to conserve material.

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